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 Brooke's Bunk

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Juniper / Brooke

Juniper / Brooke

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PostSubject: Brooke's Bunk   Brooke's Bunk I_icon_minitimeMon Apr 19, 2010 6:48 pm

Brooke steps inside Aphrodite cabin. She finds a bed to her liking, in a dark corner, and sits down. Letting out a hgue sigh, she sets her suitcase next to her on the bed. Her dark hair falls in her face, but she ignores it. Brooke wonders what she will find at this Camp Half-Blood. She remembered what the new camp director had said to her as she entered camp. "So Brooke, welcome to camp. Here, you'll train your power." But Brooke had interruppted. "I don't have a power. I'm just... Brooke!" She had said. The director shook his head silently. "You'll find out someday, everyone does."
"Everyone does," Brooke says to herself. "Everyone does, but Brooke."
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Brooke's Bunk
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